Recipe for Deception

Here's something rich. In an apparent effort to humanize John McCain's wife Cindy, the campaign published some of her favorite recipes. Unfortunately, they seem not to have been her recipes. Rather, they were lifted almost word-for-word from the Food Network web site. The McCain campaign has now removed the recipes from their web site but here are some comparative screen captures.

The McCain people explain that this was an unfortunate error by a volunteer intern. Apparently, it would have been acceptable for the intern to invent some recipes out of thin air and tell us they were from Cindy McCain. But plagiarism? We can't have that!

These efforts by politicians to make us think they are "regular people" say a lot about both them and us. Them, because they think we are stupid enough to fall for it. Us, because we usually do fall for it. Yet it is how we will pick the next leader of the free world. Ay caramba. We will get what we deserve.

Click here for a snarky look at Cindy McCain's cooking skills.

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