You Can Keep The Change

Do you begin to see why I don’t want to write about politics anymore? Look where we are. After the Florida primary Edwards and Giuliani are out of the race. Rudy’s demise is cause for slight celebration, but hold that thought for now. Mike Huckabee's claim on Isaiah 54 appears not to have been well-received before the Great White Throne. At best, he may be able to play a spoiler role at the convention and/or get himself on the ticket as VP. Yippee.

So now it appears that one of four people will be your next president. All are war-mongering statists, to slightly varying degrees. There is some variation on the issue of abortion. Specifically:

  • One candidate is in favor of letting babies die even after they are born, as long as the original intent was to abort them.
  • Another favors aborting babies up to and including the moment just before they are born, even if it means sucking their brains out with a safe & legal vacuum cleaner.
  • Yet another says he is against aborting babies, but was in favor of it not so long ago and conveniently changed his mind just in time to run for president. He also created a health plan making abortion available to the sexually crazed residents of his state for the bargain price of $50.
  • The last one is against aborting babies but favors using your tax dollars to cannibalize tiny unborn humans for the purpose of extending and making more pleasurable the lives of we humans who were lucky enough to escape being aborted ourselves. Furthermore he fought in court for the power to keep you from telling other people which politicians support such things.

These are the choices the democratic process gives you. Happy now?

What’s really funny is that this year’s campaign buzzword is “change.” In fact, the last thing any of these four will give us is change. All are zealous defenders of the status quo. None will do anything to disturb the stranglehold the Culture of Death has on America, or to end the idolatrous and global “End to Evil” war set in motion by our current Caesar, or to reduce the crushing debt that has accumulated thanks to our willingness to sell our votes to the highest bidders. Not going to happen. They're all different voices singing the same meaningless song. Here's the video evidence.

So I'm back where I started. Because he refuses to join the deceptive game the so-called "viable" candidates are playing, Ron Paul has no chance of being elected president. He is, however, a man I can support without also enabling some form of intrinsic evil. He will have my vote in the Texas primary, and maybe in November as well (even if I have to make it a write-in). Hopefully enough people do the same to demonstrate there is still a Remnant that will stand up for truth.

If the result is we have to face the lions, so be it. My conscience will be clear.

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